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0 #10 akakambama Monday, 02 May 2016
Ki tu pins munati. Bro Man man yo, ni fumana Kai ka album kahae sha?
0 #9 Paula Steenkamp Friday, 23 January 2015
Dear People of Barotseland,

I am reading articles about your land and people. I am so proud of you! Much like you, we are also a minority group striving for recognition. My husband worked in Zambia for a few years and he wishes to take me there (o, by the way we are white and Afrikaans). Culture is a beautiful thing and most precious in its purest form! Treasure what you have. God Almighty Bless Barotseland and it's people! - Paula
0 #8 Joanne Hutchinson Friday, 05 December 2014
Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa & others were arrested last night. They fear for his life. Please spread the word so Zambia knows, that the world knows, so they won't hurt him.
0 #7 wamunyimakwalombota Thursday, 24 October 2013
Good music dear from the radio barotseland and heard to all the world. Senagal gugs i great you all real the freedom has come and let unite and viva King Lubosi for work you are doing you are a professional leader and Hon Afumba M great man indeed your speech was great. I am of your gugs we are together lets fight for lovely Country. Viva Barotse don't celebrate the independence of thiefs, ours is coming soon. Good nite.Wamu Kwalo what a great day will be to come!
-1 #6 mulas Monday, 22 July 2013
musikaitwanisa bana bahesu.....alut undaneni lukome.bulozi ki bwaluna.
-1 #5 Mutalifelile Emmauel Thursday, 11 July 2013
This is indeed a good step in the right direction.
-2 #4 Mubiana Thursday, 20 June 2013
Bulozi ki nako . Lifasi halia mafasi....
0 #3 ikafa musilizo Thursday, 20 June 2013
nice radio station this can create jobs among our people kea bulozi to submit content from bulozi and can be more interesting if people like bo silumba, bo makomani and many others can be brought on board to read story books. Great initiative keep it up thank you
+1 #2 saleya kwalombota Tuesday, 18 June 2013
kinako ya tukuluho ya Barotseland. Let those in doubt live up.There is time for everything ,time to be deceived and time to come out of slavery. Nako ya kuipusa ku zwisela naha ya luna kwa pata keifita. We are pleased and restored peace in our hearts when developments towards our self determination archived. The Radio is crystal clear. Please put the freq. also on satellite.
+1 #1 Muyangwa Yusiku Tuesday, 18 June 2013
Please kindly send us the frequency if this station is on free to Air channels. Many people here in Senanga are interested in his station


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